Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lesser of Two Evils

In an attempt to ward off any "extra" migraines that might accumulate in a given month, I've decided to experiment with a remedy that most doctors/scientists recommend = drinking more water.

They (whoever "they" are) say that the cause of most headaches are due to dehydration.

You see, MY migraines are due to my body having an inability to handle an increase in hormones (if you catch my drift...). They are also categorized as "cluster" migraines. Which means, when I get one, it creates a domino effect of daily migraines that continually occur for about 1 - 2 weeks. Yes, "ouch" is what I'm thinking, too. They are horrible happenings which can very easily get me thinking suicidal thoughts (hopefully including a spoon with which I can proceed to gouge out my eye and then happily bleed to death as the face of Jesus becomes more vivid. Crazy? Yes. But you try having a migraine someday and then you and I can help each other with the spoons and the gouging.)

The point of my little story? Simply put, my migraines are beginning to slightly go off pattern. I'm figuring it's the fact I've increased my coffee drinking each day by 2 cups. Also, the Coke I've been drinking for lunch and dinner. It got me thinking...I just might not be hydrating my body enough...hmmm? Do ya think?!

When making my weekly trip to the Super Walmart, I came across the most adorable little "water bottle". <*<*lightbulb*>*> It only cost about $1 and I can fill it and fill it with my very own FREE water! Not only is it a cheap alternative (my most recent past time = finding cheap alternatives) but it just might help keep those nasty "extra" migraines at bay!

Well so far so good. It seems that my experiment leaves me with more energy and stamina. It makes my head feel clear. But one thing I didn't account for. One thing I failed to hypothesize.

The more water you let in, the more water that comes out!

I've made more trips to the BBC ladies room than I would like to mention. You probably loose weight by drinking 8 cups of water/day not because "it flushes out toxins and fat" but because you're RUNNING to the bathroom every 5 seconds. I think my boss is starting to question what I'm actually doing in there. Honestly? Releasing the relentless flood. I'm thinking I might even get my name engraved on the stall door.

More hydrated? Sure.

Fewer migraines? Sure.

Cute little water bottle? Sure.

Less annoying? Maybe not.


  1. So I get those hormone headaches a lot too. I started noticing them a lot after I started Birth control. I never used to get headaches before. But I did get those horrible headaches once I took those pills. Then after I've been pregnant I still get those same headaches and I was thinking that it all had to do with hormones, but hadn't heard too much info about that reason. But it makes sense to me. I do drink a ton of water too and also am heading to the bathroom at work at least every hour if not more. So we are like the same. :-)

  2. Jess Booth11/20/2008

    Thanks for letting me in on your little blog-secret by putting your link on your facebook page... this site has officially become a "favorite"!

    This particular post got me intrigued mainly because it's on migraines, which I don't know if you recall, but I caught your (or family?) bug of hormonal migraines and they are quite annoying! I guess I can be thankful that I don't get them quite as bad as you with them lasting 1-2 weeks (which is CRAZY in my book), but they are annoyingly painful nonetheless.

    You are a riot! I laughed OUT LOUD at a few parts during the reading... The best part? I can actually hear you talking in my head while I'm reading this! Love it! Love you! Miss you ... :( Someone recently brought up a mall in RI with Bryant standing next to me and he said "Hey, did you go there with Michelle?" ... awww... yes I did! That was such a good day! Good good talks (and tears)!

    Looks like you're enjoying PA and the fall/winter seasons there! It's FREEEEZING here... it should be snowing. ugh.

    Thanks for the entertainment!


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