Monday, December 8, 2008

The Providence of God

Each time God amazes me in a way I think it could never get any better - He goes ahead and amazes me even more! Not to say that it's God's purpose to amaze Michelle Weston, but I'm still amazed none-the-less. He truly is an awesome God worthy of our praise and adoration!

You see, Pennsylvania was never on my radar of "things I want to accomplish in my life". And then I met Michael, who has a deep burden from God to someday plant a church in the New England area. My first reaction was fear. Then doubt. Some more fear. And the famous questions, "Me? Why?"

At that time in my life, my faith was smaller than what it is sitting here today on the other side of the computer screen. But as a result of exercising that "small" faith, I now have more, and by God's grace, even more as they days pass.

God's plan for Michael and I's life has been a wonderful journey I would never have traded for anybody's else life. It has not be a smooth path of decision-making, but it has been God's path.

We moved to PA with anticipation and excitement. I never even fathomed how difficult of a transition this would have been. The homesickness and loniness was more than I could bear (not to mention my husband spends all his days in class or at work - not his fault, that's why we're here, I love him for it, but it made it that much more difficult). I would burst into tears at a moment's notice and I wouldn't even know why, because I did truly feel so happy to be here fulfulling God's plan for our lives. I found comfort in knowing God was right there with me and I knew we were in His will, but the reality of the transition hit like a tidal wave. I begged God for relief, knowing it would come, but wishing it had been there a day sooner.

Just like cough medicine, the initial "taste" can just about kill me, cause me to vomit, or knock me out (I'm a terrible baby - tantrums, crying, wiggling, flailing of arms - when I have to take any sort of liquid medicine), the will of God can seem unbearable. But after the medicine has gone through your system, the releif, healing, and sweet sound sleep come. God's will may knock you down after you take that leap of faith, but the results of doing so are worth it. Again, not to say that it is God's responsiblity to bless our obedience, it just creates an amazing sense of awe and gratitude when He chooses to do so.

The list of blessings I have compiled overwhelm me. Now I burst into tears because of how great God is! I cry out of thankfulness and humility.

I have had made a few really good friends here - a type of friendship I have not experienced in a long time. I know they will continue to grow and flourish into a life-time of support and laughs.

I experienced my first Bible-study on Esther: the providence of God. It has transformed my life and will be a refreshing well from which I can draw from during those darker times of life.

Through that Bible study I have gotten to know my Pastor's wife so well. Our hearts have been knit together and I can honestly say, I love her.

I am a part of the Seminary Wives Fellowship, where I've met a couple of those friends I've mentioned. I have received such good council from the lectures. I have had my mentor's praying for me and supporting me through this time. I am so thankful for that.

Mike and I have been officially voted in to Heritage Baptist Church of Clarks Summit, PA. We are members of a family again! What a great church to be a part of! They preach it straight, they have an amazing sense of balance, and is filled with such loving people!

And most importantly, Mike is doing wonderful in seminary! He just took a Greek exam (one of the biggies) and he got a 97%!! He is doing so well and I'm so proud of my sweetheart! He has been such a hard worker - trying to support us as well as focus on his studies! He is a good man and he is mine!! I love him and the sacrifices he's making for God and for us!

Our relationship as husband and wife has continually gotten stronger since we have been here (ironic - we see each other less)! A good friend (Chastity) once told me of the "triangle theory". As a husband and wife grow closer to God, they grow closer to each other! The truth of that has been shown since we've been here!

It has been awesome to take the steps of faith God has asked us to take and then to receive such solid confirmation that this is where He wants us! My pastor's wife recently said to me, "That's because you and Mike are a team. You are meant to be here just as much as he is."

How great is our God! He is worthy to be praised.

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  1. Oh, Michelle- I miss you! I am all teary eyed right now- how GREAT our God is!! I am SO glad to hear of your faith growing and the new friendships you have made (I knew you wouldn't have a problem:) This post made me refocus on what God has done in my life- thanks for the reminder to get my focus straight- its so easy to get it on the wrong things (especially this month!) Love ya and am so glad I found your blog:) I'm a follower!!!


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