Friday, November 21, 2008

Majority Rules

Ok. So Michael and I are VERY different when it comes to the general temperature of the apt. From what I understand, this has been a common battle that has been in place since Creation.

Mike is comfortable at 65 degrees. He likes the air to have "bite". I, however, do not think lounging around in every piece of clothing and outerwear I own is "comfortable". I would say I'm comfortable when the temp. is somewhere in the low 70s.

I saves us money...blah blah blah. Ok, so it's good for our wallets that my husband is really a penguin in a human body. But I HATE being cold. At least once a day you can hear me whining (and I mean WHINE) about the temperature of the apt. "I'm soooo cooollldd. I hhaaattee being cooollldd, " I say, in the most whiniest voice/tone you've ever heard a spoiled kid use. But my husband ignores me (a trait he picked up in order to survive).
Well.....yesterday, when I went to put my laundry baskets in the guest room, who do I see plastered up against the heater but our cat, Saide. She was content and purring next to the warm heat. She was SO close that if I didn't know better I would have thought her skin was grafted to the thing. When I was petting her, her fur was on fire. Lucky.
This is what I say: Majority Rules! The cat and I are freezing. Mike is not. I vote for heat and warmth and the shedding of my wardrobe!

When Mike calls you asking, "Have you seen my wife or my cat?" Tell him to go check the guest room. Tell him to check by the heater. That's where we'll be. You can bet on it.

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  1. Jess Booth11/24/2008

    the best part of the blog: photo proof!



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