Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm so excited!

I can't wait! The anticipation is killing me! The time is drawing near! The fun is about to begin!

Mom Judy's plane lands @ 2:30pm tomorrow!

Whoo hoo! She's so enjoyable to be around!!

She's coming for a visit and to stay in our humble PA abode for a few nights!

And then....

MORE excitement!

I'm thrilled! I'm giddy with elation! My impatient spirit is rising up within me!

She then will take a 5 hour "girlie" road-trip with me to MA! Because this Saturday is MY VERY OWN first Baby Shower!

I am so happy to soon be seeing all the people I miss and love! Family and friends all located in the land that I love = Leominster, MA, USA!!

What a time this will be! To get all sorts of goodies for baby and me! And to celebrate this little life living inside!

So much excitement, I can't contain it!

Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. I wish so bad I could be going with you - did you find someone to go with you?

    You are going to have such a great great time!!! Enjoy it!

  2. Yay! Baby showers are so much fun, especially when they are for you! I wish I could be there!
    By the way, could you send me your address so I can send you something for sweet Annaleigh? My email is jfrogster@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. How I wish I could be there! Its SO SO much fun to celebrate the little life within you!!! If you remember, tell everyone I said hi and miss them terribly!!!

  4. Jess - Yes, I found someone...my Mom-in-law. I wish you could have gone, too! It's ok, though.

    Jeanette- awww..thanks! You're so sweet to think of me!

    Chas - I will say hi to everyone for you! I WISH YOU COULD BE THERE, TOO!!! Just knowing you would be there if you could means just as much as if you were there! Love ya, Chas! I often think of you and it makes me smile!


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