Sunday, February 3, 2013

dear john david

Your Mama hasn't written to you much on this here blog. But it's for good reason. Since the day you were bornI've spent most of my days hugging and kissing on you.  You are my sweet distraction. I also have an obsession with baby cheeks.  While I was pregnant, I prayed you'd have a perfect set of them.  And my prayers were answered. And distract me all the more.

But that doesn't mean all the wonderful things you do pass by me without notice.  No sir.  I keep a journal for you.  And I quickly write down all the snippets of your life so I can be sure the special baby you are is recorded for all time.  

My love for you runs deep, my boy.

I was always been told that there is a special and mysterious bond between a son and his mother.  I have found it to be true.  

The moment you were born, a tender spot was created and nuzzled inside just for you. 

You are my "bubba"; my "monster man".  You are a boy through and through.  The sweetest terror on two feet. You love sports.  You love footballs, baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, and golf clubs.  And anything has the potential to become an airborne torpedo. You eat food as if it would no longer exist tomorrow.  Except pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Those food items you could always do without.

You are a goofball.  Always teasing.  Always laughing.  Always finding trouble. Terrorizing your sister...and blaming it on her.   Hoping someone will tackle you to the ground and wrestle. 

Your first teeth came in late.  Exactly one week prior to your first birthday. And now you have 10! 

And you still haven't uttered a single word.  {Although I firmly believe you say "aaa-ma" for "Mama".}  You prefer to point and grunt.  I meanwhy change?  Everyone around you understands exactly what you mean.

Although I would consider you a "classic" boy, you are extremely tender.  Your feelings get hurt easy and you can't stand it when you don't accomplish things after your first try.  You rip at your shirt hulk-style when you get mad. And nearly faint from forgetting to breathe.

But it's easy to get you to laugh smile and forget what the fuss was all about.

You are loyal to those you love.  And worship your sissy.  You copy your sissy.  And you hate to be without her. She is your rock-star.

You never sit still.  And cuddle-time is rare.  So forgive me when I rejoice in the times your are sick.  It's really the only time you want to snuggle.  Most days, when I try to create snuggling-opportunities, you see it as a chance to turn me into your personal human jungle-gym.

You bring me immeasurable joy.  Joy I didn't even know I needed in my life.  And I need you in my life, sweet boy.   Whenever I'm sad and forget what this life is all about, I simply gaze into those brown eyes of yours and my heart skips a beat.  I become warm all over.  And I'm instantly mesmerized by your love.  

You are so special. You belong here with us. I love you.  More than you will ever know.

And I'm so glad you are mine.

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