Monday, February 4, 2013

my crafty christmas {a promise kept}

I had written this Facebook status on December 21st:
When I bought that remnant of fabric for $8.95, I winced. (It's a bit pricey for a remnant.) But I'm glad I did! I have been able to sew FIVE Christmas gifts from that bad boy!!! That's $1.79/gift!!! (And there's NO WAY the things I made would cost $1.79 in the stores.) Can I get a "like" from all the fellow-crafters and DIYers out there??!! woot! woot!
Many of my friends and family were curious as to what I made.  They begged me to post pictures.  And I really wanted to tell them all.  But...they were Christmas gifts for my family.  And my family follows me on FB.  So that means they would have seen all their gifts BEFORE Christmas.  That just wouldn't be cool.  Ya know?

So I promised them all that I would post pictures of my crafty sewing creations AFTER Christmas was over.  So here they are -with the titles as links to the tutorials I used!

The following pictures are the gifts from the remnant AND some other gifts I crafted from material I already owned.  That means I only spent $8.95 on my family this Christmas.  But if you ask me...they don't look that cheap!

This was part of that remnant material I mentioned in my FB status (which was a blue canvas). 
I made 3 of these.

I made 2 of these.
These were also made from that blue canvas remnant.

I added handles to the baskets.
I also made them three different sizes so they would be "nesting" baskets.

Happy Crafting!
Happy Monday!
And here's to keeping promises!

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