Saturday, February 9, 2013

snowmen are the winter's sandcastle & other blizzard blessings

My little family and I live in upstate NY.  So "Nor'easter Nemo" paid us a lovely visit.

We ended up with around 16 inches of snow.

It started flurry-ing Thursday night.  And really picked up late Friday morning.  It fell fast.

While it was still snowing, we decided to take advantage of all the fun we could have before it got too deep to move.  So we bundled the kids up {which takes longer than the actual time you spend outside...but it's really so worth it} and headed into the big white world.

We had fun throwing snowballs and building a snowman {Annaleigh & JD's first!}.  Laughing.  Sweating and getting cold, at the same time.  JD constantly face planting into the drifts of snow....then crying...followed by giddy giggles.  Teaching Annaleigh the joy of eating fresh snow.  Being. a. family.  Being happy.  Feeling blessed.

It was wonderful.

To see a bunch of breathtaking pictures...
...head on over here.


  1. Look at all that snow!!! Wow! Very fun shots!!

  2. They are fun shots, the children love to play in all that snow. Enjoy! Wonderful photos. Happy Sunday!

  3. Your photos are great! Loved seeing what that blizzard produced and that you made it FUN!

  4. Great snow photos! Love you little snowman! We got hit with over 2 feet from Nemo but not good snowman snow.

  5. Snow can be so hard to photograph. Love how your photos turned out!

  6. Wow! So much snow!! Love the photos! :)


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