Friday, February 8, 2013

a few things on Friday 2.8.13

1. On Super bowl Sunday, I was getting Annaleigh ready for bed & carrying her to the bathroom {I can't get enough of that girl's cuddles and squeezes...even on the way to the potty...}.  I then slipped on a toy that was hiding on the stairs.  We both fell.  Her head slammed into the wooden molding at the base of the cornered part of the wall.  It caused a severe laceration.  And a lot of blood.  We took her to the ER where they gave her liquid stitches.  The next day a very large bump and bruise appeared.  And now, just yesterday, black eyes started to form.  But she's ok!  She's so brave.  A real trooper.  She didn't even cry in the hospital as the doctors and nurses cared for her.  And she went right back to her sweet, normal self once she got patched up {and I'm sure it had nothing to with the orange popsicle we gave her when we got home at of the year...right here}.  All the while telling her upset Mama, "I'm OK Mama.  I love you."  Bless. her. heart.

2. John David said his first word!!  Yes, he's 18 months old.  And no, he doesn't talk yet. {He knows some basic sign that helps with communicating with him.} And much to my husbands disappointment,  his first word wasn't "Syracuse" or "Orange" or "Otto".  It was the word, "Pinkies".  haha!  True story.  But that's because we do "pinkie swears" with our kiddos all the time...not for the sake of a promise...but because it's fun to do. And we yell the word, "PINKIES!" each time we do it.  What's even funnier, is that pinkie-swears aren't an ole-time-tradition in this house.  It just started about a week ago.  Apparently, it's a fun enough game to be worthy of a word!  I'll take it!

3. Mike has started sending resumes out.  Literally, ALL OVER.  We are just praying someone likes his resume enough to give us a call back.  We are excited to see how the Lord directs  us in all this!  It's such an adventure!!

4. I am currently interested in typography {aka. handlettering}.  It's so much fun.  I've always liked to draw.  And I've always tried to write in different fonts my whole life {just because I wanted seriously-cool handwriting that people would envy...I know...weird.} It's a lot harder than I thought!  There's a method and a science behind it.  Just like with anything, really.  So I'm attempting to teach myself.  I'm doing tons of research and TONS of practice...practice...and more practice...

5. And most days, I get discouraged with the news and with the politics of this country.  I'm always thinking to myself, is there any hope left for our nation? Most days I'd say no...there isn't.  But then someone gives a speech LIKE THIS in the immediate & direct presence of the President of the United States.  And I'm reminded that #1) God is still in control, and #2) there are still people in this world doing lots of good things.  So chin up.  All is not lost.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I am soo jealous of your typography skills! and you never mentioned any bumps or bruises YOU received from the fall... you okay???
    AND ... did you send a resume to Heritage?!??! ;) there's an opening.

    1. Thanks friend! And I'm Ok. I walked away with a little rug-burn...a scraped elbow...and my ankle got a bit twisted. But I was feeling better by the next day! Thanks for thinking of me...LOVE YOU!


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