Monday, February 11, 2013

an item crossed off my bucket list {and too many pictures}

I'm pretty excited.


One of my photographs was featured HERE.

It's always been a secret hope of mine to have one of my pictures get noticed by her.  And it happened!  

It may not seem like such a big deal to you...but it's a pretty darn awesome accomplishment to me!

You see...I love photography.  Now I don't have any aspirations of going professional any time soon {I don't do well with things when they are "forced" upon me}.  I just love to excel and do all things well...for the sake of excellence.  And it's challenging.  Once you turn those settings to "manual" are in charge.  You are in control.  And a picture comes out good {or bad} because of your choices and quick thinking.  I love that.  In fact...I think I like the challenge more than the medium.  

I think my ultimate dream when it comes to photography is to be able to represent what my eyes see BETTER than what my eye sees.

And I feel that she does that.  And her.  


Until then...getting my name mentioned is a pretty close second.

I'm so excited about that!

And here's a bunch of too many pictures.  I decided to share {only} a few of my favorite pictures I've taken over the years...

Great job!
I'm impressed you kept with it for this long!
Now go take a 20 minute nap. You deserve it.
{Scrolling for all the time must have made you exhausted.}

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