Thursday, February 7, 2013

writing *almost* everyday

I didn't write a post yesterday! ACK!

Wednesdays are INCREDIBLY difficult for me to find time...for anything.

It's my busiest day of the week.

I attend a local Community Bible Study in the we have to leave the house at 9am.  The kids and I get home and eat lunch.  I then put them both down for a nap.  I clean like a crazy woman to prepare for the sitter that's coming. They wake up.  I make a quick dinner (as they claw at my legs for attention). I hop in the car to pick up the sitter.  Mike and I speed off to our community group.  We get home at 9:30pm.  I drive the sitter home.  Mike puts JD to bed.  I return.  I read books to Annaleigh and put her to bed.  By the time the whirlwind of a day is's 10:30pm.  And I am NOT a night-person.  I hit the couch and CRASH.

There's barely a moment to think!  Let alone put coherent thoughts to screen.

I knew this was coming too.  Maybe it was self-fulfilling prophecy?  Next week...I'll try and prepare a post in advance.

How do you handle your busy days?  Do you practice "planned neglect"? Or do you do major preparation when you know the "crazy" is coming? Or do you do like me...and deal with the messy after-math of failed responsibilities?

Here's to writing 27 days in February!!

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