Sunday, November 18, 2012

i'm here. but i'm not who i was.

So I haven't written in quite some time.
I have a good reason.
I promise.

First, you may notice I have a new domain name.  That's because I needed to switch my blogger account to my most current email address.  So for future reference, you can find this here blog here:

Mark it down.
Remember it.
Make it your new old favorite.

And now on to my good reason...
Have you ever had a moment in your life that changed it?  Like, completely?  So much so that it made you a totally different person?

Well, I did.
And it changed me for the good.
But it's still change.
And change, I'm slowly realizing, is hard.
And it's painful.
But, at the same time, ironically, it's so so so good.

So what does that mean for my blog?
It means things will change here, too.

Not too much.
But enough to make a difference.
To be as honest as I can, I'm not too sure how to relate to my own life anymore.
I feel perplexed.
As if the usual, orderly and laid out ideas in my head have been scrambled.
I don't know how to share my life in a transparent and truthful way that is, also, completely filled with careful discernment.
I feel stuck.
And so I've hesitated to write.

I stumbled across this awesome blog.  And in one of her posts, she seems to explain it best:

"I don't think I have to tell the whole story to tell a true story..."

Let me leave you with this,

I have been recently humbled.
And God has been better than ever.
And my goal is to share snippets.  Not complete thoughts.  I have none of those left.  But I think I can muster up snippets.

And I can't wait to tell you about them.

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  1. I look forward to what you have to say. I understand what you mean about not being able to share it all...sometimes God's work is so big, so overwhelming that mere words are insufficient.


Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year - it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul. -Unknown