Wednesday, October 24, 2012

family pictures {2012}

We needed new family pictures.
More importantly, we needed an up-to-date picture for this year's Christmas card.
The sitting fee for this picture was only $15.00!
{Which was the cost of my new mini-tripod}.
We eventually ended up borrowing a larger tripod, 
seeing as the mini-sized one only worked for certain angles.
The setting for our pictures was right here at our home.
And for having to do them myself, I'm very pleased!
{But I think I'm still out of breath from having to run(!!!) to get in the picture before the timer went off. Apparently, universal camera remote controls are not as universal as they claim....ha!}
So, without further or due, here's this year's family session....

And one more to prove that Pintrest ideas don't always work as perfectly as they do in your head...

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  1. Your little man doesn't look too sure about the whole photo shoot :-) Great pictures. The children are growing so fast.


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