Friday, October 5, 2012

five fast facts friday

1) Mike enjoyed celebrating his birthday early!  His birthday isn't until October 17th, but the Need To Breathe concert was October 2nd.  That's right!  I said NEED TO BREATHE.  Don't know who they are?  You can check them out here and here. And this is one of my favorite songs they sing.  Anyway, it's Mike's favorite band.  His second time seeing them in concert.  My first.  We also ate at the Anchor Bar prior to arriving at the concert.  It is the home of the original buffalo wings!  And they were seriously the tastiest wings I've ever had.  Happy early Birthday, Babe!  I had a blast!

2) Annaleigh is back on the potty training train.  We had put the whole thing on hold with our recent move here.  She hadn't any "real" success with going on the potty when we were still in PA, and I had little time to devote solely to that whole ordeal when we first got to NY.  I thought it best for my sanity to start up again once life settled down a bit more.  And she has picked up right where she left off!  That's more than I could ask for!  I'm excited for the day when she goes on the potty with no trouble!!

3) We bought Starkbuck's Anniversary Blend coffee last week.  And we LOVE it.  It's by far my favorite flavor of coffee.  It's smooth.  Rich.  And full bodied.  (You can never go wrong with those qualities, am I right??)

4) John David can finally get down off the couch by himself!  This is exciting for us!  Mike has been teaching him how to do this for a few weeks.  Him and I have a theory as parents:  rather than saying "No" to everything that appears dangerous or activities that seem unlikely for them to accomplish, we take the time to teach them the particular skill required for success.  And this calms this mama's heart.  Because I don't worry about him falling as much anymore when he sits on the couch.

5) Last night, I went out for dessert and coffee with all 6 of the pastor's wives of Northridge last night for a Q&A.  My mentor (one of the pastor's wives) organized the whole thing!  We had a topic of discussion.  Each wife would chime in with their experience or advice.  And I had a chance to ask questions, be encouraged, and not feel quite so alone in my experiences.  I honestly think that if internship stopped tomorrow, I would say that this experience was worth it...just to have a night like that was INCREDIBLE.  And if that wasn't good news enough for my soul, it will continue to happen once every month throughout the internship.  Holy taco sauce, cowboy!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mike:-)

  2. Ahhh, Anniversary Blend, yum!!

  3. P.S. Do you know Nate and Emily Miller? Emily is a close friend of mine!!


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