Tuesday, June 5, 2012

it has all the bells and whistles

This past Saturday, we were able to check an item off of our bucket list.
We went to Steamtown.
It's a National Park/Historic Site.
A museum all about steam locomotives.
Their history {mostly specific to the Scranton area} and how they work.
They have about a dozen real-life period-time train cars you can go on.
There's even a working steam engine you can take a {20 minute} ride in.
Mike and I have visited a few times, but we've never been with the kiddos.
Annaleigh was in her glory {seeing as she has a growing appreciation for Thomas the tank engine}.
John David is a laid-back 9-month-old.
So for him, he was happily unaware.
But we knew.
And it was great.
So glad we were able to do this before we make the big move to New York.
And I'm REALLY going to miss the sounds of those trains.
{You hear them loud and clear from our house.  One of the greatest sounds ever.}

p.s. I ran for the first time today.
Ever in my life.
About 2 miles.
Which took me about 45 minutes.
People say they feel close to God when they run.
I agree.
Because the whole time I was thinking,
"Dear God, I think I'm going to die."


  1. Oh what a FUN TIME!!! Great experience for the kids. AND...I can totally relate on the running. I have never made it too terribly far. I completely lack stamina.

  2. I sense a really cool scrapbook page layout coming on!!!


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