Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my 10-month-old little man

Dear John David,
Can it really be 10 months already?
I know everyone says it about their babies, but,
it went too quickly!

Wasn't it yesterday I could only dream of what your handsome little face would look like?

And now?  Today?
You eat every kind of solid food and get irritated when we attempt to use up feed you food from a jar.
In spite of the fact that you still remain toothless.
You insecurely stand in your crib and give me daily heart attacks while you smile so proud.
You locate your lost paci and single-handedly place it back in your mouth.
You think your sissy is a rock star.
You join in on the nightly bed-bouncing-ritual.
You want to crawl so badly.  You are SO close!  Until then, you roll.
You hit everything against your head.  You use your fist when there is nothing else.  It makes you laugh.
You also think it's funny to have things thrown at you.  Even better when they hit you.
You bang toys.  The louder, the better.
You throw toys.  The harder, the better.
There are no doubts you are a boy.
You main form of communication is whining. {We're working on this...}
When you aren't whining, you are a happy boy.
People know you by your big smiles.
You are Mommy's boy.  I can't put you down.  
You are the biggest snuggle-bug.
Your laughter is contagious.
Your spirit strong, yet gentle.

It's hard to believe you'll be a one-year-old in 2 months.
But even harder to imagine what our little life would be like without you.
I'm so thankful our Heavenly Father sent you to us.
Our lives are filled with that much more joy...
...because of you.

I love you, my sweet "Bubba"...
...a bushel and peck.
You bet your purdy neck, I do...

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