Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i'm not feeling very profound today

I have no new revelations to reveal.
Nor do I feel a sense of direction at the moment.
But I have an urge to write.
To write unedited {mostly}.
To let the words simply flow from my mind to my fingers.
So that's what this-here girl is gonna do.

It's 9:37 PM.
I'm sitting on a bed.  A bed that was suppose to be king-sized.  But I think it's really a queen. 
I'm in a hotel in Chicago.  One that is across the street from a McDonald's that holds the world record for most expensive dollar menu.  One that is mostly occupied by people attending Founder's Week at the Moody Bible Institute, us included.
I hear the traffic on the street fiercly whirring by, outside my window.
My two babies are sleeping across the room.  I can hear their silent breathing and the occasional dreamy sigh.

We began our trip on {superbowl} Sunday right after our ABF (adult bible fellowship).  We had packed up the car on Saturday night (for the most part, excluding tolietries, our umbrella, and my gray boots I forgot to put in the suitcase) and bathed the babies so that we could get up and go.

We drove for 5 plus hours and arrived in Toledo, OH.  We stayed in the missionary house on the property of Emmanuel Baptist Church.  What a blessing it was to take advantage of such wonderful hospitality....for free!

Another blessing was to spend some time having sweet fellowship with our friends (and recent graduates from our seminary), Dave and Krista.  They currently are on staff at Emmanuel and the church will be voting soon to see if they will stay or go.  Please pray that they will be voted to stay!

Dave came over the missionary house Sunday night to watch the superbowl game with us (we were suppose to hang out at their house for the game, but their oldest got a stomach bug...plans changed a little, but that was ok!). 

The next morning, Krista and I had a coffee date at Panera.  What a blessing that was!  (and not just because of the great coffee served in a ceramic mug along with the toasted asiago cheese bagel...although that was a big part of it!) If you don't know Krista, you should!  She is an optimistic breath of fresh air combined with wise counsel and a sweet spirit.  I'm sad we didn't get extra time, but thankful for what was had.  Such great conversation.  My heart was put at ease with realistic expectations, encouraged with reminders of God's sovereignty and was given helpful advice from a former intern wife!  I now look forward to my future with that much more joy!  Praise the Lord!

Afterwards, we soon hit the road (well, first, Mike ate his cinnamon crunch bagel and coffee, Annaleigh her chocolate chip muffie, and JD enjoyed some gold liquid...) and headed to Indiana.  Where we had some more sweet fellowship with another set of friends (and recent graduates as well), Chris and Heather.  And we met at Culver's: home of the butter burger and #2 on the list of best frozen custard (#1 being Andy's)!  So. much. fun. 

It reminds me how much I miss our friends.
How much I'll miss our friends.

A few hours later we arrive at our final destination.
It's cold.
It's windy.
It's wonderful.

Mike said to me, as we briskly pushed our babies and walked our way to the closest Starbucks, "You want to live in the city..."
"No. I don't."
"Yes, you do."
"Yes, I do."
To casually think about it, I'd say I'd never want to live in the city.
Too noisy.
Too fast.
Too inconvenient (as a young family...strollers don't do well in small spaces and frigid air...)
But as my mind begins to ponder the places I love the most:
Charleston, SC
...they are all cities.
Life on the move.
But most importantly...life.
I love feeling as if I'm a part of it.
A part of something big.
Something bright.
Something fun.

Maybe it's an outward expression of what I feel inside.
Excitment and possibility!

I love it here.
And I'm with the people I love the most.
And tomorrow's a new day.

I'll wake up.
It'll be Wednesday.
I'll eat a complimentary free breakfast.
I'll live.
I'll love.
I'll be happy.
And I'll pray that it never ends.


  1. I'm so glad you got to spend time with friends! But I'm not gonna lie - I wish so bad we were on your way too! B/c then we coudl've had coffee at panera!!! I' hope you're having a good weds!!!

  2. As long as you are in God's will, you will be home. Praying.

  3. I never thought Id love city life being from the country and all but I LOVE city life in Denver! I dont think I'll ever go back!


Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year - it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul. -Unknown