Wednesday, February 1, 2012

internship q&a: when and how long?

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When will you leave?

Theoretically, we could leave NEPA as early as the beginning of June.  Or, it could even be as late as the end of September.  There are many factors involved.  All which include information we don't have yet. (It's all so stressful, no?)  It depends on the church:  when they need us to start.  It depends on us:  we will need to leave when it's the best timing for our family/housing situation/travel.  So all I can say for sure is Summer 2012.

How long will you be there?

The length of our internship is one year.  (Which was one of the things that enticed us and drew us to Baptist Bible Seminary.  We just LOVE that.)  But basically, we will live in the area of the church until May 2013 (graduation).  HOWEVER, if we start late (like in September) we could potentially stay until September 2013 (depending upon Mike's fulfillment of the requirements and/or the needs of the church).  And if this is a church that hired him (who knows?! ha! it's unlikely. but...) we would 'stay, stay' there until the Lord moves us on.  And if we were to be placed in a New England church, this would make it an IDEAL situation.  But I am reminded that my definition of "ideal" and the Lord's definition of "ideal" has the potential (and likelihood) to be vastly different!  (Again...stressful!)

And yet amidst all the stresses this internship may cause me (and you?  you'll journey along with me in my self-destructive and non-biblical habits, won't you?), I rest CONFIDENT in my Lord and Savior.  He has a plan.  A beautiful, perfect plan.  And I am just itching at the bit to find out!

Please Pray with Us:

  • We are praying will know soon of our internship placement (which will ultimately help us pin-point a departing time-frame...because this-here household manager has a whole house that needs to be packed up!!  Having a dead-line of 'packing-up-completion' would set my mind at ease:  when do I have the yard sale?  when do I pack up the kitchen?  what can/can't we do without for a few months/weeks/days?  How much packing-tape do I need to purchase? etc...)
  • I would like to be done with our internship by graduation.  I'm not yet sure how I feel about having to go back to finish up the internship AFTER he 'graduates'...
  • We pray we are placed in New England.
  • We pray that our interning church would hire Mike onto the pastoral staff.
  • I pray for rest and peace of mind as I am struggling with the concept of soon-to-happen-I-don't-know-for-sure-when-it's-coming-but-it's-coming-type-of-change.

Our happy family of four enjoying a Syracuse University basketball game at the Carrier Dome this past weekend.


  1. Praying alongside you.

  2. Please know that I am praying for you! reading about your plans to do yard sales, pack up, drive and move etc. brings back "great" memories :) I can't wait to follow you through this journey. Remember what I have said to you and what you have said to me "it will be so cool to see how God works it out in the end, b/c we know he will" :) I understand uncertainty and although it was different, I understand a lot of the emotions and feelings. love ya Friend


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