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internship q&a: what will you do once you get there?

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We will be doing LOTS.
But can I first say, I am terribly grateful for this process.  It's such a wonderful opportunity for Mike and I to put into practice the things we've learned over the past 4 years AND to continue to learn through experience.

On the 13th, the husbands and their wives were invited to an Internship Colloquy Dinner.  (Don't worry, I didn't know what the word "colloquy" was either.  I had to look it up.  It means a discussion, or conversation, about internship.  It cracks me up how fancy the seminary tries to be sometimes...)  And I was enlightened a lot more about our goals and expectations for the internship.  A lot of questions were answered, information shared, and {most} fears calmed.  Now I feel all the more confident in sharing with you what we will actually do during internship.  And the seminary provided a simply chart breaking it all down for me.  How convenient.

These will be Mike's requirements:

Four Supervised Training Projects - Mike will be responsible for developing and facilitating 4 ministry related activities.   He will obtain excellence in ministry development by "doing" ministry.  Skill development.  Strategic ministry efforts.  Planning, setting goals, implementation, and evaluation.

Five Preaching Assignments - (these do not have to be limited to only 5 times, but is given as the minimal requirement) - He will obtain excellence in research.  Delivery.  And learning to "say it right and say it well."

Ordination Doctrinal Paper - This is something he has collectively and progressively been working on since day 1.  He will be expected to give precise, theologically accurate statements and expected to have the ability to respond well during the oral examination given by 2 faculty members of BBS.  He will learn to write what he believes and write it well; and to defend what he believes and say it well.

Field Experience Log - Daily entries which include a weekly review and evaluation.  This also includes weekly internship reports, monthly internship reports, the coach's quarterly progress report, critical incidents, and a final summary review and evaluation.  He will learn to develop the "eyes of a leader" for life and ministry; the "accountability habit"; weekly planning and personal performance review.

Ministry Planning and Goal Setting - He will learn to gain vision.  Appreciate his personal potential.  Develop as a team of ministry professionals.  Gain general insights for ministry.  And understand what is required of a pastor.

All of this will take place under the supervision of his "coach".  Someone who has been appointed (usually the lead pastor, but not necessarily) to be an official mentor to Mike.  Without a coach, all of the above would be just busy work.  There needs to be someone to guide, direct, encourage, advise, reprove, and pray for Mike.  That is what will make the entire internship profitable.

My requirements are not so much "required" as they are strongly encouraged.  Basically, I will get out of the experience what I put into it.  It's up to me on how much I want to be involved.  But do you know me?? If you don't, let me just say:  I do almost NOTHING halfway.  Which can, at times, be a drawback to my personality.  But for the most part, it's what has helped me be successful in my life.

We pardon the interruption for a brief related story:
I was not a good student.  I am currently not a good student.  I rarely got As in school.  Mostly Bs.  Occasional Cs.  And there have been grades rarely lower...but we won't talk about those right now.  My point is this...I WORKED HARD for those B grades.  Like REALLY hard.  I busted my tail day and night. I studied too late.  I read too much.  I did too much homework.  I did all  the extra credit I could find (or create).  I asked questions.  Stayed after class.  And I, unashamedly, did the brown-nosing thing.  I had the will...and therefore there was a way.  I refuse to fail.

So let's just say, I will do all I can to squeeze every last drop of learning out of this internship.  No doubt.  Because I'm just that way.

But some basic goals they've given me are this:

  1. To grow in my personal walk with the Lord.
  2. To grow as a ministry partner.  (I love that.  BBS feels so strongly about this:  Mike and I are a team.  And this internship is just as much mine, as it is his.)
  3. To give Mike a chance to succeed.
  4. To learn to live with dissonance.  Because my view of my role will be different than how any church we are a part of views my role.
  5. Experience ministry stressors.
I received a whole notebook, that night, filled to the brim with suggestions on how to accomplish those goals. I, too, will also receive a ministry coach for the same reasons Mike needs one.  But my coach will specifically help me in the following areas:  learning about the husband/wife ministry team, raising children in the ministry, hospitality, disciplining others as a ministry wife, personal spiritual growth, and how to deal with confidential information.  

They have also provided me with a journal with guided topics to help me process the transition, changes and lessons I will experience.

BBS suggests I get involved in ministries where I see a need for growth, or an area in which I like to learn more.  They would wish that I join my coach in one of the ministries in which she is involved.  They would also like me to join Mike in ministry during one of his four ministry projects to learn what it's like to pray with and work alongside my spouse toward a common goal.

So, as I said, there will be lots for us to do {and more} once we get on site.

Again, I cannot express my appreciation enough for BBS and their desire to come along side me, the intern wife, so that I, too, may be prepared for what lies ahead.  Their conviction is that if the wife is prepared on how to help her spouse in full-time ministry, God's work will have a better chance of success.  I would have to agree.

Please Pray for...

  • our coaches.  That they will be ones who stand strong in the Lord, have years of expertise, have gifts and talents from which we can learn, and that we will have personalities that work well together with ours.
  • the ministry they will have in our lives.
  • Mike's ability to perform and execute his requirements with confidence.  May his work and fruit be directed and blessed by God!
  • my ability to balance working hard to learn along with putting my family first.
  • our transition into the church.  That it be smooth, well-accepted, and filled with JOY!
  • us to not be critical of the church and it's methods, but to admire the differences!


  1. Anonymous2/15/2012

    Great informational post! Now I don't have to go to next year's Colloquy ;)

    1. haha! I'm so glad I could help you out!!

  2. I never introduced my pastors' wives as such, just as my friend and their first name. A pastoral couple is what you are! You are the one making him able to do what he does. Bless you all.


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