Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bow holder

There's been a lot of nesting going on around this place.  I have all these intense urges to organize and reorganize in order to make room for our little man.  This means cleaning out the pretty basket I was using for all of Annaleigh's head-dresses {as Daddy, affectionately, calls them} to re-purpose the basket for burp clothes and such.  Not to mention, she has so many(!) and I was having a difficult time locating the bows/flowers that were needed for her outfits on any given day.

Which leads to being creative {which I love and can't ever seem to get enough of}! 

Thus, was born, my latest creation:  the bow holder.

However, now I have another problem:  
There's not enough room for any NEW bows....

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  1. This looks very pretty, with all those flowers! How did you make it? Do you make the flowers too? I'm here for the first time via Women Living Well - thanks!


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