Thursday, July 7, 2011

nursing cover

The craftiness in this household continues...

I made my very own nursing cover!  Of course, I already have one from the days when I nursed Annaleigh.  But I was wanting a fresh new look when I'm out-and-about with my new little man.  I came across a great tutorial {link shared below} and found it to be a lot simpler than I originally expected!  You should check it out and have a try for yourself.  I'm pretty sure this may be a main staple in the future baby shower gifts I give {assuming the mommy-to-be plans to nurse}.  What fun!  I can't wait to use it!  {is it a bad motivation to want to nurse my child in order to make a fashion statement??}  The bottom line is everyone benefits...the public, me and my joy at getting to actually use what I've made, and my baby's nourishment!  We're all winners in the end!

The tutorial can be found on the following blog, titled, Freshly Picked.  Click HERE to be transported to your future homemade-cuteness.  Enjoy!

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