Friday, May 20, 2011

the ants go marching...

Do you remember this computer game?

Well, I do.
I use to play this game.  Like a lot.  It came close to an obsession of mine. it WAS an obsession of mine! Stop judging me!

And now?  I no longer play the game...
...but the game is coming to MY life.

They are back.  The ants, that is.  To invade and eventually TAKE OVER my kitchen.
Each year it happens.  And each year we buy ant traps.  And we kill the poor unsuspecting creatures.
The SimAnt game used to make me empathize with them. For example, when I was living with my parents {who have a pool in their backyard...score!} I would save every ant I found from drowning.  Pathetic?  You bet.  But I felt so bad for the little guys.  Little legs running, as fast as they could, on non-existent land {a poor attempt at swimming, for sure, but they weren't created to swim, people!}

But now?
I kill them.
Happily and un-regretfully.

Hear this, you little buggers, my empathy is gone.  GONE!, I tell ya.
When you begin to crawl on my counter-tops, eating my chocolate-chip muffin crumbs, and you leave your gross "scent-trails" all over the are declaring war on this human!
Be it known to your generation, and to all future generations:
you enter this house and you will die!

This ain't no computer game soldier....


  1. Anonymous5/21/2011

    You jinxed me. I now have ants in my kitchen.

  2. Oh my goodness, I woke up to a hoard of ants in my kitchen this morning!!! YUCK!!!


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