Monday, March 14, 2011


Where does one begin when one has a million thoughts?...

It always amazes me to see Annaleigh learn.  On certain mornings, it appears she has stayed up late, the night before, studying for some non-existent mid-term the next day.  The reason being, she seems to have caught onto everything:  mimicking behaviors, saying words, being obedient, having manners, increasing agility of her motor skills, making connections, cognitive abilities sky-rocketing, and on and on...

It's like she goes to bed and ))--poof!--(( she wakes up and knows a whole lot more than the day before.

And I sit with my (proud-mama) jaw on the ground.

Interesting how, we, Christian-adults, are very much the same.  At least that's my perception.

I came across Luke 12:29-32 in my devotions the other morning.  But this time I read it through the clear eyes of understanding.

The Lord revealed to me a truth; uncovering the lie I had been living.

Totally. & Completely. Epic.

Sometimes it feels difficult to express my heart into words on a page.  It's a similar sensation of trying to walk through slug.  It's strange for me, because writing feels second-nature.  However, when something like this hits me, my mind races with all it's learnt, and then I can't seem sift through it in a logical and coherent manner.

I'll write out (best I can) some points that stood out to me as the Lord was teaching.  But please understand, this information has transformed my (perfectionist's-way-of-) life.  It was powerful.  An epiphany, of sorts.  And yet, it has sat there, in God's Word, for hundreds of years, all along.  Who knew?

  • WE are NOT to seek (money, life, love, food, possessions, fame, etc...) for ourselves.  BUT we are to seek (those things) for OTHERS!
  • We are to give FREELY - as the Lord leads, as the Lord "needs". 
  • God KNOWS your plight.  So...DO NOT fear because it brings Him DELIGHT to fulfill your needs!
  • Which means??  BE REASONABLE! And DO NOT WORRY!  God is ONLY asking you to do what HE DEEMS necessary.  Stop trying to be an "over-achiever" concerning your work, service, and/or contributions by wasting your money, time and energy by doing EVERYTHING.  Simply LISTEN to God, do ONLY what He asks (which may be as simple as buying someone a coffee to brighten their day), and let Him take care of you.
Can I tell you how much of my life I've wasted doing (good) things that are unnecessary and unreasonable in the plan God has laid out for me!?  He is pleased when we obey Him and have faith in the small things NOT when we do a ton of extravagant things that He's never even asked us to do.

I praise God that He continues to strengthen my faith everyday.  I am thankful that He chooses to work in a life of someone such as me.  I am humbled to know that He patiently takes the time (31 years!) to help me to come to a deeper understanding of His Word.

Dear Lord, 
Forgive me for my crazy-person-running-around-legalistic-type of service to You.  May I, from this point on, always make the choice to LISTEN to your leading and to OBEY.  You may choose to stretch me from time-to-time, but you never have, nor will you ever, ask me to do everything.  May I give to others freely, knowing You are the one Who wants to care of me.  May I always be reasonable and work within the gifts, time and talents you have allotted to me.  In Jesus Name, Amen.  

That little Annaleigh and I have a lot in common.  We are learning by leaps and bounds these days.  And it makes this life all the more sweeter...

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