Monday, June 22, 2009

16 weeks = 4 months!

How your baby's growing:

Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he's about the size of an avocado: 4-1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3-1/2 ounces. His legs are much more developed, his head is more erect than it has been, and his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head. His ears are close to their final position, too. The patterning of his scalp has begun, though his locks aren't recognizable yet. He's even started growing toenails. And there's a lot happening inside as well. For example, his heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, and this amount will continue to increase as your baby continues to develop.


Wow! 16 weeks. Or, 4 months. Already? In 2 weeks I'll be half-way through my pregnancy. That's wild!
My belly has started to balloon out even more now. It's strange to see the top of my mid-section slowly rise away from my body. I also cannot see my lower-half if I simply gaze down. I have to look out and over to see things below. It's already an interesting scenario in the shower. I laugh to think about the months ahead.

My hips have been aching in the morning, too. I'm going to have to sleep with a pillow between my legs more frequently to help with the aching. I just don't like the pillow there. Pillows are made for your head. Not your legs. Each time I go to turn over, it's a lengthy and difficult process that includes a 16-point turn. The pillow is bulky and sticks to the blankets which in turn, robs Michael of whatever blankets he's lucky enough to own in the first place. Now who really wants to do that in the middle of the night? And because it takes so much effort, I have to be cognitively aware of all I do, ultimately drawing me out of my deep sleep. This then triggers my brain to think I'm awake. My brain then sends signals down to my bladder shouting orders: "Dilate the involuntary urethra sphinxter valve and Release! I said, RELEASE, by order of the Command Center!" My bladder, not wanting to suffer the consequences of the firing squad for disobeying orders, it obeys. Forcing me to loose myself out of the tangled maze I have created so that I can make it to the bathroom without soiling myself. And the process continues.

I am able to enjoy food more and more each day. I bought a box of fudgesicles yesterday, along with a package of chewy airheads. My sweet tooth was near the dangerous levels of tooth decay before I was preggo and it has now surpassed the normal/healthy charts and has entered unknown territory. But to the comfort of my mother, I have been exercising restraint. Instead of downing the entire package of sour patch kids, I only eat a handful in the attempt to satisfy the craving and not become a diabetic at the same time. So mom, you have no worries. I balance my sweets with all things good for me.

So far, I have enjoyed this journey. I'm excited for the days ahead! Especially when we get to find out what we're having. I get my first ultrasound between 19 - 20 weeks. And once again, I can't thank God enough for the special little blessing he's allowed me to grow for His glory! May I do Him proud...

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  1. Your descriptions are so hilarious. :-) It's fun reading about your progress. It's such a fun journey.


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