Monday, December 6, 2010

taco soup

This soup is sure to make you feel cozy during these cold winter months.  
You can expect the familiar taco taste but with a warm, spicy kick.  

Here's what you'll need:
1 lb. of beef or chicken
2 cans of Rotel (tomatoes)
1 can black beans, drained
1 can of creamed corn (or frozen)
2 cans Pinto beans, drained
1 can chicken broth
1 pkg. ranch dressing
1 pkg. taco seasoning mix

Brown hamburger or chicken and drain.

Add ranch dressing and taco seasoning.
Mix into meat and stir well.

 Add the rest of the ingredients.

Bring to boil.
Reduce heat.
Allow to simmer, covered, for 30 minutes.

Serve over corn chips or tortilla chips.
Sprinkle with grated cheese.

P.S.  I substituted kidney beans
for the pinto beans.
I have about 10 cans(!)
of kidney beans in my pantry
that I received from WIC.
So I'm trying to use them up.


  1. I hope you've figured out where to get other kidns of beans. I'm constantly looking for recipes that use beans. GOod one to put in my bean recipe bank. :) I always get any kind of beans (even chick peas) at price chopper. :)

  2. Yea..that's where I plan to claim my WIC checks from now on. I seem to have less problems going there ;)

  3. David Dube12/06/2010

    MMMMMMMMM. Sounds delicious. I will have to make it this week!

  4. I love taco soup... I make mine in the crockpot!! :)

  5. David Dube12/08/2010

    I made this for dinner tonight. Its still simmering, but I tried it, and its fantastic. I let the kids taste it, and even they like it. You got a great big hit on your hands. I am adding it to my recipe collection!

  6. oh hooray! I'm glad you love it Mr. Dube!!! :):):)


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