Sunday, September 19, 2010

yup. i admit it. i did it.

Using a needle.  One instead of two.  Like I had planned to do here.  2 years ago.  Also similar to what I said there,  better late than never.

Mike didn't expect my reaction.  Nor did I.  But it was filled with an abundantly loud enthusiasm which overwhelmed my entire being.  Causing me to lift from my seat and to flail my appendages all through the air.  And as typical of a reaction that may be for me, for even the smallest of achievements or observances, this was truly a big deal.

I had crossed over into the realm of the unknown.  Away from my comfort zone.  Resulting in the accomplishment of a great task. Victory. Done in spite of set backs, failures, and a million "do-overs".  I had done it.  Yup.  I did.

I crocheted my first hat.

And it is....amazing.

Like I have heard said "All the animals want to learn how to talk just so they can get to know me."

Oh yeah.

No.  I am not prideful.
I give ALL the glory to 
my God who has
given me the ability
to learn such a skill
and to find enjoyment in that skill.
May I use this new gift 
for His glory.
But yes.  
It is amazing.
And I'm really excited about that.

(P.S.  No picture.  I'm just too lazy at the moment to take one and upload it.  So you can use your imagination.  Just picture the most amazing hat ever.  Bingo.  You got it.)

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