Wednesday, June 29, 2011

effortlessly brilliant

Speaking of birthdays, this is one of my most cherished gifts.  It's an eye-shadow from the Skin Market {do you remember that place? whatever happened to it??}.  The name of this particular color is "Dog".  {I don't know either...}  I've had it forever {and not because I don't use it, it just has lasted that long}!  Since my college days.

I have an amazing friend named Kristin.
The gift giver.
We met in college.
All you had to add was one trip to the campus cafeteria and you got an instant friendship.  Sorta like a water bottle and those crystal light to-go packets.
Not only is this girl gorgeous, but she's smart.  In like, a thousand different ways.

But especially when it comes to fashion and makeup.  This girl knows how to effortlessly put a look together.

Everything I know about being "girly" stems from her influence.  When I met her, I had no sense of style and no understanding of how to properly apply makeup.  Four years later, I had improved greatly as a result of her "teachings".  However, there's always room to improve!  I still find myself texting her, while in a store, trying to find a perfect color combo:

"Hey, K.  Found a great dress on sale.  But what color goes with goldenrod yellow?  I need accessories, and I'm afraid black will make me look like a bumblebee."

"Chocolate brown.  Definitely. Text me a pic of the results!"

I think to myself, wow, she figured that out all too quickly.  Seeing as I've stood here for almost 30 minutes agonizing over this decision... 

But she was right.  And it's stunning.

Needless to say, when she bought me that khaki-colored green eye-shadow {along with a loose golden eye powder that I aggressively used up because that was the beginning of my golden eye-shadow addiction} in the picture up there, it went perfectly with my hazel eyes.  I mean:  it's perfect.  My eye color pops from beneath my lids and can pierce even the most timid soul.  She knew about these types of things, long before Almay invented their Intense i-color eye-shadows.  Did I mention she's brilliant?

Well, she is.
And she is taking her passion to the next level.
She has started her own blog.  To get her feet wet, in hopes of the one day she will "paint faces" as her sole-means of income.  And she can do it.  I know she can.  She's that good.

So go check it out.  It's called fingerpaintmakeup.  She offers tips and tricks and fills you in on her favorite products.  And she won't steer you wrong.  Ever.  Because she's brilliant.  

A little about Kristin: “I truly live and breathe makeup. I think about it all the time everywhere I go, whomever I am with. It has been my form of art and expression since I was very young. I have been applying makeup to myself and to others for 15+ years and that passion has only grown stronger. I love sharing ideas and finding products that really work for women of all ages. I only hope to make your life a little easier and more enjoyable through the world of makeup. We all have incredibly beautiful features that make each and every one of us unique. Sometimes just a touch of color is all it takes to make your face come to life.”


  1. I remember that eye shadow! Great post...Kristin will be famous someday :)

  2. Girls - I just love you :)

    I definitely remember that eye shadow too - and that name HA!



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