Saturday, November 21, 2009

Contractions? I wish.

Well, it seems that our lil' miss Annaleigh may come sooner than later. Although I'm no doctor, I have this 'feeling'. And it's mostly the feeling of Braxton Hicks (or prodromal labor) since Wednesday (11/18)! Now I completely understand these 'false' contractions can almost mean nothing other than my body 'practicing' for real labor. But I am telling you, it is taking a serious physical toll on my body.

I ended up taking the day off of work on Friday (much to the excitable anxiousness of my co-workers - they think I'm not going to last the weekend). It's not only exhausting being preggo and working all day, which it is. It's adding on 500 'sit-ups' to that.

I rested. I drank water. Both prescribed by the on-call OB.

And it definitely helped. Today, I have a good amount more of energy. Trying to allow myself the non-normal Michelle self-talk of "lazy is good. lazy is OK.". But I have no other choice. My body really won't allow anything different.

I always thought that labor contractions would follow a relatively calmed state and then just "hit" me. I never imagined I would have this intermittent period of time where my stomach would randomly ball up and harden and then relax after some time. Phew. Hard work.

At first, scary.
At second, exciting.
Now, annoying and getting very old.

Can't we just get this over with?
Labor. Or no labor.
Because I sure am not enjoying this practice session. Oh, wait...happening again....arg.

Just further proves my dislike for exercising...blah.

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