Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Showers

Well, my WONDERFUL baby showers have come and gone. I've gotten some really good things, adorable things, pretty things, practical things, big things, embarrassing things.... Each shower was unique, and yet, special. It was great to be surrounded by the people you love and care about most as they celebrate with you the joy of a new life!

I had my first in Leominster, MA with my family and friends. My mother-in-law, Judy, was able to fly in from Florida to accompany me for the 5 hour drive north. It was such a blessing to have her by my side! We were able to spend some quality time together, and although I loved her before, my love has grown deeper. I praise God that he not only sent the most amazing man into my life - but he came with the most amazing family. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed, I am. (ppsstt...I love you, Mom Judy!)

Then my fantastic church family threw me a beautiful shower filled with the yummiest (and prettiest) spread of food - including the BEST cupcakes I've EVER had. Most of my Sunday School kiddos (the girls of course) were there. That made the day very special. They all lined up in front as I opened each gift and they helped in every way possible: passing, opening, organizing, stacking...you name it. How sweet! I remember the days when I was so frightened to not have the love of a church family again. Then lo-and-behold: POOF! There they were. Surrounding me with support, encouragement, edification, and unconditional love. A girl could not ask for more. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed, I am.

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Renelle gathered together my friends which are part of neither of the former realms of my world (yet, just as loved and important) to throw me my last shower. It was so intimate and cozy. Again, great food (Chix Marsala and ice cream cake = yummo!) I was also surprised by my Pastor's wife, Carolyn. She spoke such divine thoughts which were directed by the Holy Spirit coupled with her knowledge of the Word. She challenged my heart to give the incorruptible gifts to my daughter, in contrast to the corruptible gifts of the shower. Both of which are needed greatly, but some clearly holding more eternal weight than the others. Such as: salvation, forgiveness, compassion, love, etc... How convicting. (Between you and me, my heart so needs a tune-up...)

I came away from these events with an even greater anticipation of meeting our daughter, Annaleigh. Now time for the assembling, washing, organizing, and the getting ready part of my pregnancy. Such elation and excitement I feel.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed, I am.

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  1. I totally understand the tuneup part. I need too from time to time!


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