Thursday, November 5, 2009

35 wks & 5 days

I just can't believe it! Can you?! Only about 4 more weeks until the EDD!!!

My current stats:
Weight: 137lbs.
Total weight gained to date: 22 lbs.
Blood pressure: Good.
Belly size: Right on target, according to the doc.
Baby's heartbeat: Perfect and strong.
Swollen feet/ankles? Yes.
Effacement? Some!
Dilation? Still all closed up.
Heartburn? Absolutely.
Sleep? Barely.
Back ache? Most definitely.
Night time potty breaks: I average about 3.
Tired? It's better to say "exhausted".
Getting off the couch my own? Nope. Help needed every time.
Most effective way to get out of bed? Rolling.
The way I switch from side to side while lying in bed. What is a 16-point turn, Alex?
Belly touching steering wheel? Yupper. And feet stretching to reach the gas/brake.

Hospital bag packed? I should get on that soon, shouldn't I?
Cravings? Nothing crazy. I just am LOVING chocolate EVERYTHING. A hot chocolate is a MUST HAVE before bed each night (preferably with Fluff on top...MMmmmm).
One thing I miss about pre-preggo life: Sleeping on my belly!!

Our little Annaleigh is quite a mover and a shaker. She moves around the most at night, usually right before bed. She gets hiccups most every morning (which she hates! She starts to thrash around if they last for too long!). And when Daddy gives her (me) raspberries, she gets quite active. I'm pretty sure her little hands dig into my hip bones now and again. It sorta tickles, sorta feels strange, and sorta hurts all at the same time.

I'm attempting to "nest", but after a long 9 hour day of work, my energy is zapped. I strongly desire to get into her nursery and start getting things ready. I've done some organizing of all the great loot we've gotten at my baby showers. But the room is still not where I want it to be yet. I'll feel a lot better once it's done. Hopefully, soon!

Can't wait to meet her!! But I'll have to settle for seeing our baby girl's beautiful face on a TV screen at our second ultrasound which is scheduled for Monday, 11/9! How exciting!

Until next time....


  1. Hey you! So excited - the time is getting closer! Of course , these will be the longest four weeks of your life, but. . . :)

    I was wondering what theme/colors you are doing your nursery in?

  2. Maybe you will go early! You never know!!

  3. Jeanette, My colors are like a sage green and purple (more like a raspberry color) with a little bit of pink here and there. And there are purple (raspberry) butterflies and flowers on her comforter. There is a brocade pattern on her comforter as well! Which I love! It simply looks divine!

    Chas, wouldn't that be nice! I'm SO ready to have her!!!

  4. How cute! I love the name too! My middle name is Leigh so I really like that name!!!! Can't wait to see her pretty little face!!!


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