Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh! The Places We Go!

Recently, we've found ourselves eating out more. And by no means does that suggest we have the money to do this! Mike and I firmly believe that eating out is the death of a budget - all you do is nickel and dime yourself to your financial grave. We've been eating out simply because we've come across some great coupons to our favorite places (or not so favorite) to eat.

During the superbowl, a Denny's commerical announced a free grand-slam breakfast for a particular day. Rather than waiting in the ridiculously long line, we opted for the rainchecks they were passing out to the more impatient customers (like ourselves). So we decided to cash in on that raincheck by eating on the following Wednesday night before our Bible studies.

And about two months ago, Clarks Summit got a MOE'S!! Yaye for Moe's! And if that wasn't good enough (which it is), all meals on opening day were on them! Translation: FREE! ANY MEAL!! WITH ANY SIZE DRINK!! WITH ANY EXTRAS!! ALL FREE!!! Of course, you didn't know this until you went to pay. Mike was FURIOUS! He almost went for a side of queso for his chips, but backed out the last second because he knew it would cost extra. The injustice!

Just then, when you think this could not possibly get any better, they place coupons in the newspapers! --On with the celebration! Ole!-- We got two meals for the price of one! Just a few more reasons to love Moe's (like there needs to be more reasons to love Moe's)!


  1. So we were excited about those Moe's coupons too!!! We also have a buy one get one free to TGI Fridays. I will see if I can find the link and if it is still available, you can print it out, and we should go togehter sometime. They expire on 3-1-09. :-) We love going out to eat, although try to only do it when we ahve coupons!!! its fun though.

  2. Jess Booth2/21/2009

    love the photo shoot :)


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