Friday, February 27, 2009

Module Week

During this last week in February, Mike has his seminary module. A module is one week (or two) of a class worth 1.00 credit. He meets with his class Mon-Fri from 10am-1pm. The rest of the seminary (including his regular classes this semester) is put on hold for this week. There are many good reasons why they do it this way - mostly for those Pastors who would like to continue their education, but can't leave their congregations for long periods of time. It's easier for them to get away for one or two weeks at a time. Pretty neat, I say.

The point of this post is this...

...Mike and I were able to drive into work/school together. It was like old times in Massachusetts. This week, he would drive me to work then go to the library to study/write papers before his class started. He would then come eat lunch with me and then go back to the library until I was off work. He got lots of work done during the day, which means, we can spend more time in the evening together! It was a beautiful thing. And although short, I am grateful for this extra time we got to spend together.

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