Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mike's New Job

Tommorrow morning Mike will be an official employee of Heritage Baptist Church.

No, he hasn't flow through seminary in 8 months and suddenly a pastor! (Although he is very smart!)

He will be (for lack of better words and because I don't know his official title - you can call and ask him that yourself - I can never remember!) the "Maintance facilitator". He'll work 15hrs/week - on average - , be on staff for a minium of 2 years, clean, shovel snow, basic up-keep around the church, set things up for weddings/funerals/other functions, etc... There's also possible "mentor-ship" available for him! That's going to be worth it all - to have godly men groom him! AND the other good part = less hours at Fastenal!!! YAYE!!! AND By taking this job he will also increase our income a bit, which is such a blessing in this economy! (Maybe we could turn the heat up 1 more degree this month?...uh...maybe not....) AND we'll get to eat more dinners together because he'll be home at night 6 days of the week!! GOD IS GOOD! I love how He continues to provide for us - not just temporal needs, immediate needs, but life-long & eternal needs and a few wants sprinkled in!!! I'm so humbled! I don't deserve all this "wonderful-ness"! HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD??? Can I get an "A-MEN"?????!!!!!

He will be working along side the man who already has this position. This man has an eventual desire to slowly wean away from this job to be able to retire and spend more time taking care of his sick wife. SO, this could turn into a full-time job.

Mike is thrilled with this opportunity!! And so am I!

Again, I ask the question, "How can anybody NOT want to serve God?"


  1. That's exciting news! Tell him we said congratulations! Ya'll need to come visit sometime when you're down our way!

  2. Oh Mich, I'm SO HAPPY for you guys! Wahooooo!


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