Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Tired

I have to be up early today in order to drive Mike to his 6:30AM class and then come home to shower and get ready for MY day to then drive back to the same institution to go to work. (All because of our "car situation". We only have ONE. And our schedules DO NOT match up in ANY way shape or form.) And I'm SO tired.

But, excuse me? Why am I complaining like a baby?? HE'S the one who actually has to THINK at this time of the morning. Even take exams on some days. So really...he's the one who should be tired and complaining. But just for this moment, I feel a teeny tiny slice of his pain. Well...maybe I don't. But I'M STILL TIRED!


  1. Hey girl! I was so excited when I found you on Julie's blog! I love reading yours and I think it's such a neat way to keep up with people. I did have facebook but not anymore and I love making this my own thing! Hope ya'll are doing well. Larry is leaving for a missions trip to Japan this morning! So I'll be a whole week by myself... little nervous but I'll be fine-I got my dog and my gun!

  2. Just wait till all your unborn babies come and you will get a whole new definition of tired! LOL! At least this will get you prepared! When are those babies coming anyway?:) I can't wait to get the news that you are expecting- you will make such a cute preggo lady too- tell Mike I said that!

  3. I know, Chas!! I know I am so spoiled right now!! I look forward to being a mom, but NOT to being a zombie (but both are necessary requirements!)!!!


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