Monday, January 26, 2009

The Solution

Well, our "little" car problem has found itself a solution. PRAISE GOD! The Lord definitely provides! And silly me forgot everything I learned during my last Bible study (on the book of Esther) that God has the solution before we ever have the problem. God is NOT surprised by anything and has the answer for everything! How dare I forget His sovereignty.

Mom and Dad Weston have graciously offered to help us out financially. It's a bit humbling because Mike and I really want to be responsible stewards of what God has given us and not need to rely on other's financial gain. We don't want to have someone else supply for us. But then I remember: God has placed family, friends, and strangers in our lives to meet our needs. We should see their help as a gift from God and as a fulfillment of a blessing. When praying for provision, accept it when it comes, whatever the source, and be thankful. Thank you Mom and Dad. We are so very grateful.

So, we are going to pay for the Blazer's poor engine to be torn apart and then put back together (hopefully in all the right ways). We are picking it up today so we will officially have two cars again.

While the engine was being torn apart, we were left with one car (remember?). And to be honest, when Mike called with this news, the first thing that went through my mind was, "We don't know anyone very well yet. Who is going to be willing to be inconvienced for our sake - whether giving me rides or lending a car?? Who?" I was so sad at the thought. But then, we were met with offers of help. A great friend who I work with, JB, offered us the use of her car for four days! She wasn't going to need it and was willing to let us borrow! What a blessing she was. Mike and I were able to come and go as we needed without effort. It was a beautiful thing. Thank you JB. We are so very grateful.

Also, my Daddy has offered to switch his Jeep Wrangler for my Mitsubishi Eclipse. You see, as crazy as it may sound, the Blazer was our 'reliable' car. Ha. Ha. The Mitsubishi has definitely seen better days. Maybe I just didn't care for her as well as I should have, but cut me a break. I got her when I was 18 and she lived through my college years with me.
College years.
Seriously, she was NOT treated well.
Mike and I try to leave it running and doors unlocked when at a store, secretly praying, that when we returned, it would be GONE. But alas, when we returned, there she would be, sitting there, mocking us. TRUST ME, I am thankful we have two cars. I'm just terrified each time I get behind the wheel, that I'll be at a stop light and all fours sides will drop off, the tires will all go flat simultaneously, the engine will explode, and I'll be sitting in a frame of what used to belong to a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The car is sort of falling to pieces. It's common for me to get out of the car, gaze and the front right bumper, release a grunted sigh, and kick the reflector light back into place and understanding that I've just driven all over tarnation with a stupid light hanging and dangling over the front of my car. Embarassing.

Daddy plans to give us the title of his car ('cuz his is in great shape and will become our 'reliable' car) and we'll give him the title of our car. He has been planning to get a new car anyway and this way, he'll trade my car in for a newer and sweeter car - some kind of Nissan. (Sorry Dad, not sure how much you get for the purple car, she's in rough shape.) Thank you Daddy. We are so very grateful.

Can you believe the showers of blessings? I can't. I'm humbled. Why do we worry? The lillies of the field are dressed well, how much more does our heavenly Father care for us? The answer: so much more. When we needed help, the Lord was right there waiting with His arms full of blessings. This time, in His arms were Mom and Dad Weston, JB, and Daddy.

We want to do our best to keep our own heads above water. But as my Daddy says, "Sometimes, Michelle, everyone needs a little help from time to time. And if they say they don't, they're lying." Well, we needed help.

Thank you to everyone who prayed. It was the best thing you could have done. We are so very grateful.

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