Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i've always wondered what it felt like to live inside a snow globe

Moving to Rochester has not been that big of an adjustment.

Weather-wise, that is.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts.  So I'm used to the snow.  I know how to drive in it.  I'm not scared to clean off my car.  I can shovel and salt like a champ.  Bitter cold doesn't bother me.  (In fact, on one particular day, I went out early to clean the snow off my car before running a day full of errands.  Mike asked me if the kids should wear their hats.  I explained how I didn't think it felt cold enough outside for them to wear hats.  When we get in the car and start driving, Mike points to the little green numbers indicating the outside temp, and says, "You don't think it's cold??"  The temperature read: 10). Basically, I know how to survive a winter quite long as there is some sort of hot beverage close by.

But the one thing I can't get over is the fact that we live in a snow-globe.

I'm not kidding.

It snows nearly EVERY day.  Most days it doesn't end up sticking.  But it snows, nonetheless.

Annaleigh said to me one day, "Look Mommy!  The snow is falling up!"

And it was.  Just like in a snowglobe.

I love it.  The winter doesn't seem to get that depressing feel to it, because the brown slush is always replaced with a beautiful coat of clean white snow each morning.

Welcome to Rochester!

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