Thursday, January 31, 2013

A month's worth of blogging

Speaking of new goals...

...I think I'm on a "goal" kick.  I don't really know how to psyco-analyze that one.  But it's the truth.

I love blogging.  But making it a priority in my life is not easy.  I'm a wife of a seminary intern and a mama to 2 littles. Those two jobs, on top of fitting in life (quiet time with God, exercising, cooking, cleaning, ministries, reading, crocheting, dawing, crafting, scrapbooking, etc, etc, etc...) doesn't seem to allow much time for writing.

>>insert sad face<<

But that's ok!  Sort of.

That's why I've decided to blog everyday in February.  Another real-life friend of mine (and fellow blogger) did this last year. (I think I'm on a "copy my friends" kick, too.  huh.  Maybe I do need to psyco-analyze myself...)

I love the idea of purposing to write.  Something.  Anything.  Just writing!

But I am a Sanguine to the 1000th degree.  And if you know anything about the Sanguine personality, you know how well I do with accomplishing my goals and following through on my commitments.

oh well.
Here's to 28 days of blogging!

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