Friday, December 14, 2012

what does mike actually do?

A lot of people have asked me this question.

"'re on internship.  But what does Mike actually do?"

Being an intern at a church is similar to a secular internship.  In that, you are getting real-life experience as you put into practical application all the things you learned in books.

Mike, God-willing, will be graduating with a Masters Degree in Theology (more specifically, a Masters of Divinity...affectionately called an M.Div) in May 2013.  However, this Masters program is not much like a "normal" Master's program.  Let me put it this way, Mike's work load over the past 4+ years has been the equivilant to that of a Doctorate (Ph.D) program.  90+ hours of course work  + a 1 year internship = long time to be in seminary.

(Mike has a God-given desire to be a pastor someday.  Specifically, God has burdened our hearts to be church planters.)

Now that he has completed his course work, he is in the thick of our internship.  He is currently an intern at Northridge Church in Rochester, NY.

And because we live on the top floor of the church offices (which are in a church-owned house located on the church property), his office is just downstairs on the first floor.

A typical day of work for him starts at 8:00 am.  He will take a lunch break around noon...this means he travels a long commute (consisting of climbing up 2 flights of stairs) just to eat lunch with us, his little family!  (I, personally, love this!  Obviously!) That happens everyday, except Wednesdays, which are a day full of staff meetings.  Around 2:30 pm, he will suffer the grueling commute again, just to grab a fresh cup of coffee from our kitchen. (Again, love!) He will commute home from work, one last time, around 5 pm.  He does this 6 days/week.

But what does he actually DO?

Some of these things he is currently working on, or will be in the future:

  • Co-leading a community group in the church (which requires weekly follow-up, prayer and a generating of ideas and topics of which to discuss with our community group concerning everyone's personal walk with God).
  • Co-leading a class called "Life Change" (a 10 week class, which requires weekly follow-up, prayer and preparation for each class).
  • Helping as a leader in a class called "Starting Point".
  • Helping his internship coach with anything that is needful in the moment.
  • Producing, filming and editing the DVDS which are used during the church-wide community group meetings (that occur at various times throughout the week).
  • Producing, filming and editing videos to be used during church services (when viewing the sermon, go to the video time of 19:24 to see the video he made specifically for that sermon). 
  • Several speaking opportunities (where he would preach/teach to a group of people on a Biblical topic...which includes much preparation).
  • He lead the month of October's "Vertical Worship" (aka. the Lord's Supper).
  • And the biggest project he has...the one that has taken the biggest chunk of time and effort during this internship is planning, praying, brainstorming, producing/editing videos, delegating, creating the website, administrating, being in charge of, etc. for Northridge's 16:5 Conference in February. 
  • Preaching during the month of February for the Youth for Christ Hockey League (and I'll be helping to teach the beginners you didn't know I was a competitive figure skater for 9 years, huh?...but that's a story for another day...)
Plus more, I'm sure!  There are things he does that I'm not aware of...but this I know:
He works so hard, everyday!
And I'm extremely PROUD of him and all he has accomplished already!
He's one smart cookie.
God has blessed him and our little family ABUNDANTLY.
There is no greater JOY than to be in the middle of God's will for your life!
We are living proof!

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