Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sew and tell: a refashioned child t-shirt into dress

I love being able to sew things in a day!  Preferably, in 2 hours (the length of an average Annaleigh/JD nap).  So when I stumbled across this project, I was so excited to try it!  All you need is a child's $5 white t-shirt and a yard of material.  And voilá!  You have a t-shirt turned (wicked cute) ruffle dress!

Here's the original pin on Pintrest.

Here's my finished product:

The irony to this story is that Annaleigh has no desire to wear it.  She did the day after I finished.  But she rolled her 2 YO eyes at my joy.  Does it really start so soon?

This will probably be my first and last t-shirt refashioned to dress.  It's so genius to make, though!  I may have to stick to making these for gifts for little girls other than my own.

Se la vi.

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