Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sew and tell

I'm obsessed with Pintrest.
Can you relate?

But I'm also recently obsessed with actually doing the projects I pin.
In fact, when I pin something, I usually have the uncontrollable urge to start crafting/cooking/sewing in that moment....despite the possible ungodly hour of night.

I wasn't always this way.  I would compulsively pin and pin and pin...with no clear end in sight.  In fact, I think it became a sickness.

Until I came across blog {which I looked and looked for...and it seems to be that this blog no longer exists...sad face} and this blog encouraged the atrophying crafters to create {ha.  create.  get it?  encouraging crafters to create??  the irony tickles me.} to create a board on Pintrest titled "completed pins".  This way you'd have a blank board {and no one finds comfort in a blank board!} in which one must fill!  

There it was!  My compulsive-pinning-and-never-doing antidote. 
Goals. I love setting goals.
But I may possibly be overcompensating now.
Is there an antidote for that??
oh well.

Anyway, here's a few projects I've done based on Pintrest inspiration:


Happy Pinning!
and then actually doing them!!!


  1. I have a kindle touch...just sayin' :-)

    1. I think I know what you are sayin' ;)

  2. wow! way to go! :-)

  3. Kristin Ferri9/27/2012

    Oh I love all your accomplishments! It inspires me to go finish some projects I have....I just wish we had more days in a week or hours in a day, ya know! I have not ventured onto pinterest yet.....I am afraid of the obsession it may create-- :)
    Thanks for sharing. You are one talented lady!

  4. Oh my word! You must do a blog post on each project with how-to's and all! and then link up to PinFTW every Wednesday... that's the link up I use when I actually do my pinterest projects! :)
    It's moved to a new host... here's the link

  5. I sense a weekly crochet date in our future...

  6. I sense a weekly crochet date in our future...


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