Sunday, September 30, 2012

my internship goals

This idea is brilliant.
And I wish I could say I thought of it.
But my best friend, Ruth, did.
She is on internship with her husband, too.
I'm glad we talk & write each other as we experience this together.
When we do, ideas like this of hers, enter my brain.
And all I can do is take it and run with it!
I love what I'm about to share with you!

And I hope that any seminary wife that will be going on internship in the future takes notes.  I think this idea would be good for them to emulate.  For all of us, really.

SET GOALS for yourself.

Because don't we all want to say that we are a better person than the person we were a year ago?  But that doesn't happen, my friends, on accident.

It takes purpose.
It takes planning.

So I've set myself a few goals that I'd like to see accomplished from this internship experience by July 2013.
Here they are, in no particular order:

  • learn to use the phone {as a ministry tool}
  • stay connected with family and friends
  • sit in a different spot in the church auditorium each Sunday morning
  • participate in, at least one, ministry that I have little, to no, experience
  • at least one time this year, do ministry with, and alongside, my mentor
  • learn creative ways to encourage Mike
  • increase my opportunities for hospitality
  • improve upon my ability to pray for, invest in, and then inviting others to church
  • look for opportunities to share the gospel
  • run a 5K

Have you ever set goals for yourself?  Have you found that they are helpful in encouraging personal growth?  

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  1. Anonymous9/30/2012

    Spencer and I set goals together over breakfast out this morning (we do this around our anniversary every year). A lot of our goals were based around getting ready for internship. And we also put running a 5k together on the list- at least I have a year to get ready HA! You should share these goals in the monthly intern update.


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