Friday, June 8, 2012

10 random facts friday

1. We are going strawberry picking tomorrow!  Can't. even. wait.

2. We will be visiting Northridge Church -and the city of Rochester- {our internship site} next weekend.

3. We have two separate sets of close friends coming to visit us this weekend.  Both families we have not seen in f o r e v e r.  We LOVE them so much and it's rare to find couples that both the GUYS and the GIRLS get along with equally.  It'll be a good time catching up and having our souls refreshed right before internship.

4. Homemade pepperoni pizza is what's for dinner tonight.

5. Mike bought me two new running outfits yesterday.

6. I let Annaleigh run around the back yard barefoot today.  And I've been thinking, if you aren't living life dangerously, then you aren't living life.

7. I signed up to get coupons, freebies and giveaways via this site.  Not only is it a great resource for the mamas out there, but they are constantly sending me promo codes {via email} for various things.  One of them has been for FREE Shutterfly photo books.  I got one in May for Mother's day, and they just sent me one this month for Father's day.  In. my. glory.

8. I hate packing.  It overwhelms me.  Big time.

9. I found The College Book of Verse hiding on one of our {many} bookshelves.  Complied by Robert M. Gay {professor of English, Simmons College, Boston}.  Copyright 1927.  It was a end-of-the-year gift from one of my former student's parents.  It contains poetry from 1250-1925.  Here's one of my favorites:

by Thomas Sackville

The body's rest, the quiet of the heart,
The travail's ease, the still night's fere was he,
And of our life in earth the better part;
Reaver of sight, and yet in whom we see
Things oft that tide, and oft that never be.
Without respect, esteeming equally
King Croesus' pomp, and Irus' poverty.

10. Pony-tails have become my hair-style of choice.  A far-cry from my high-maintenanced days {before kids}.  But I'm thinking I'm OK with that.

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