Friday, April 27, 2012

pre-internship bucket list

I've been keeping a mental bucket list for a little while now. Things that I'd like to do here in NEPA before we set-sail to Rochester, NY.  Some of these things we've already done...I'd just like to be able to do them one more time!  Here they are, in no particular order:
Considering this is a mental list, I have this nagging feeling in my brain that there are more things that should be listed up there.  oh well.  If I think of them, I'll come back and add it.  sound good?  no pressure, right???

Until then I'd like to...
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Hey.  Don't you judge me!  Instead, join me.  It would be fun.  Of that I'm sure.

Partly sunny.
Windy and cool.
It's sad that we are back to wearing jackets.


  1. Steamtown is free this week because of National Park Week. Hurry:-)

  2. fun times! I love the Crayola Factory - have been several times. I miss all the fun things to do in Pennsylvania.


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