Monday, April 30, 2012

75 days to go

Our yard sale on Saturday went amazing!  We earned close to $300 and managed to sell 80% of our things!  We had to rent a small U-Haul truck just to get it all there.  When I said I was selling my entire house, I wasn't kidding! ha! But when the sale was all said and done, I was able to consolidate the rest of my unwanted treasures into boxes so that it all could fit in the trunk of my car!!  {mind you, we own a Chevy we still had quite a few treasures left over...}  I then immediately dropped them off at our local Goodwill store.  I was dead serious about not bringing any of that stuff back into the house!

The highlight of my day {other than my sweet friend Julie stopping by my table just to say "hi!"} was when one particular lady told me her story as she sifted through my baby-girl's baby clothes.  She was going to Haiti this summer with her adult daughter and was pleased to find such beautiful things to bring with her to dress little Haitian girls that would never dream of owning something so nice.

I about burst into happy tears.  

Because having people flippantly sift through those clothes throughout the day, made me more emotional than I anticipated....because, there were my precious memories, of Annaleigh's first 2 years of life, strewn all over as people picked and hemmed and hawed....I can't tell you how many times I was caught off guard by the rush of emotion!!  I wanted to tell them every story of every outfit.  I wanted to remind them to be gentle because Annaleigh had worn a particular pink onesie her first week of life... 

Thankfully, that lady's story made it all worth it.  I can just imaging a sweet little baby in Haiti wearing that pink onesie. 

It even made up for the comment another lady said about these "beautiful clothes" being "absolutely perfect for her rag-doll at home."  ummm....ooookkkkkk?

I still have more purging to do, along with selling some of our larger items on Craigslist.  But all in all, it's mostly done!  Hooray!  My attic is mostly empty!  Hooray!

We are that much closer to Rochester, NY.  75 days to be exact (thanks to my friend Ruth reminding me, via her phone, of such information).  Speaking of Ruth, her husband and my husband rode to the seminary together for the last time this morning (a common occurrence throughout our time here).  **sniff, sniff**  All these "last-this"'s and "last-that"'s are getting harder and harder for me.  I threatened to take a picture of them this morning, for posterity's sake.  I decided against it, feeling silly {but secretly wishing it didn't feel so silly}.  I'm going to miss those Andersons.  Along with a whole bunch of other people.  I need to stop talking about this now.  I'm about to cry.

Anyway, please be thinking of Mike tomorrow morning.  Prayers are appreciated.  He will be taking his oral exam for his doctrinal paper defense.  **gulp**  It's sorta like the storm before the calm.  I don't think either of us will be able to sleep tonight due to nervous churning stomachs.  I'll let you know how he does.  At this point, I think he's merely hoping to walk out of the room alive.  Yeah, we dream big, don't we?


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  1. I miss you dear friend. Its so exciting and sad at the same time. Hard to put it into words it explain unless you've been there and I have so I pray for you. I did 3 yard sales last summer and I don't think did as good as you all together so great work.


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