Thursday, September 8, 2011

she loves him so much

You never ever really know how the older sibling is going to take having their "only-child-throne" usurped by a new little imp.  I am happy to report that Annaleigh has fallen in love with John David just as deeply as Mike and I have.  She spends about 25% of her day hugging, holding, kisses, stroking, cuddling, and just-plain-loving-all-over her little brother.  Which thrills my heart!

However, she doesn't necessarily enjoy the situation that has been created as a result of the arrival of her new love-bug.  She has been having some difficulty sharing her Mommy and Daddy.  I am sure it's all part of the transition and soon the tantrums, whining, clingy-ness, crying, and the all-out-beat-'em-up-rolling-around-brawling-fits will end soon.

At least...I hope so...

Until then, I will take in these sweet moments
when her love abundantly pours out on him...


  1. those are the most precious pictures!

  2. How difficult when you, yourself, are recovering. So wise of you to dwell on the positive!


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