Wednesday, September 7, 2011

JD's Birth Story

"Let's just go have a baby today...," were the words of my doctor on August 17, 2011.

What she meant was:  repeat c-section.

I was really praying I'd be able to have a VBAC.  Something inside this woman thought it would be an accomplishment to join the generations of women that have preceded her in the realm of classic-child-bearing.  I wanted to know what it was like.  Experience it.  Have one last major role in bringing another life into this world.  To be "normal."

I know.  I know.  I hear you asking, "but what's really normal?"

It's safe to say that there is no normal birth-story.  All are unique.  All are meaningful.


On the morning of August 17, 2011, I was still pregnant.  And this made me depressed.  I was hoping to have had a baby by then.  Most of the pregnant women I knew that had due dates after me had already had their babies.  And not via a c-section.  And, I had given birth to Annaleigh the day before her due date.  And, I was MOST uncomfortable at that point.  I just want this baby OUT! were my daily (actually, my moment by moment) thoughts.

I arrive at my doctor's office for an ultrasound, prior to meeting with my doctor.  To assess the baby's health.

Results?  Our son was floating around in a "low-normal-fluid" level.  As well as calcium being present on the placenta.   She also discovered I was not "progressing".  No dilation or change.  At.  All.   Nothing too alarming, according to the doctor, but enough to make her question my ability to go into labor on my own within the week.  And that, to her, was the risk.  She had no desire to induce me, seeing as I had a previous c-sec, and would most likely will end up in labor for 2 days, and then end with another c-sec, despite it all.

"Let's just go have a baby today...," she says, "I'll call the hospital and tell them you are coming.  It'll better this way."

I look toward my husband through tear filled eyes and he knows what I'm asking.  As if we have a secret-sort of non-verbal-language.  I look at him again and he knows the fear in my heart.  And he nods his head in approval.

I trust my doctor with my life.  I trust my husband even more.

So I reluctantly succumb to the divine-providential circumstances.  Trusting the Lord more than any of it.  Knowing, full well, that this is His plan.

Long story, short:  I ended up having another c-section.  But this time it was different.  It was BETTER than the first!

I walked into the operation room.
No complications, at all.
I was awake.
I heard my baby's first cry.
I witnessed my son's birth.
I was able to kiss him almost immediately.
My husband sat by me, supporting me.
We were able to get pictures of our son's arrival.
I didn't have as many drugs pumped through my body.
I was walking by 8 o'clock the next morning.
I was in the shower by 10AM.
I was able to wear my own clothes.
Visitors were allowed (I had Annaleigh during the Swine-Flu Season = no visitors).
And much, much more!

All that to say:
I am blessed beyond measure!

I am still sorta sad I didn't get to experience a VBAC.  And I'm sure I'll always be.  But that feeling is shadowed by the brilliant glare of JOY pouring from my heart.  My son, John David, is a perfect and healthy little baby boy.  I am wonderfully healthy.  I have an amazing husband and a sweet daughter.  I really couldn't ask for more...

...well, maybe just one more.  {wink, wink}


  1. Thanks for sharing and I am so thankful everything went so smoothly- Praise God for the blessings of little babies!

  2. I'm so glad I got to read this tonight! I loved reading it! I'm so glad you both are so healthy and that you are happy with the outcome and confident in God's will and him working in you! Love ya and miss your whole family!

  3. aw love birth stories and I am so glad it went so much smoother this time around! My sister had her second baby this summer and was really hoping as well for a VBAC. AFter a lot of non-progressive labor, they finally convinced her to have another C-section. She agreed, and the doctors discovered that her uterus walls were way too thin to have a VBAC. Thankfully nothing serious or dangerous happened!
    John David is amazingly cute and I am so thrilled for you guys!

  4. So happy all is well.


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