Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my Christian life is hanging in the balance

I feel as if I need to set the record straight.
Not that I've gotten angry people writing mean things to me explaining their deep protest against the things I've said, but I feel as if {quite possibly} the silence of my readers is worse...

A word I do not have enough of in my life.
My "religious" background is one of LEGALISM.  

Work.  Do.  Drive.  Go.  Get Better.  
Take On More.  Be Responsible.  Don't Drop The Ball.  
Or Else The Lord Will NOT Be Pleased With Your Service.

So the things I've been writing about Scripture lately have been FILLED TO THE BRIM with the idea of REST, RELIEF, RENEWAL, FREEDOM, IMPERFECTIONISM, BREATHING ROOM, ENJOYING LIFE, CONTENTMENT, ESCAPE, learning to say NO, and GOD'S GRACE.

This is not to say we are to never Work-Do-Drive-Go-Get Better.  We are!  I feel as if what I'm saying will be misinterpreted as sitting back and doing nothing.  Never going to church.  Never reading your Bible, Never praying.  Never helping others.  Etc... Because I'm not saying that at all! God's Word flourishes with commands on being the best Christian you could ever possibly be.  Our goal {behind glorifying God} is to become like Christ.  And He was PERFECT!  So do me a favor, and get out there and do the work of the Lord!  Do it heartily!  Do it with all your might!  Fight the good fight!!!!

Yet, at the same time, the Bible speaks about our inability to actually become like Christ!  Ironic?  Contradictory?  I think not.  Why?  Because we are fallen creatures due to our sin.  This makes it impossible to EVER TRULY be like Christ.  Meaning?  We are are NOT perfect.  It's our nature!  {shocking?  I know.  Breath.  It was hard for me to admit, at first, too...} 

This means, I'm starting to realize that the Bible is filled with just as much inaction as pro-action.  And since I've practiced an abundance of pro-action throughout my life {which has lead to multiple burn-outs/melt-downs/tantrums}, I've decided it's good to become aware of all the "inactions" God has commanded us to do {...errrr...not do?}.

God knows we can't ever really be like Christ.  {But praise the Lord, He never stops trying in spite of that knowledge!  Amen!}  And so, He fills His Word with those "inactions" to protect us {from things like burn-outs, melt-downs, and tantrums}.  That deserves another "praise the Lord"!

please, pLeAsE, PLEASE(!), do not take my posts about God's Word the wrong way.

It's the word of your day.
In fact, it should be the word of your entire life.
It will be a struggle.
Trust me.  I'm a recovering perfectionist.  I should know.

Funny quote I recently said to my husband about this topic:

"I know I'm not perfect at it yet, but someday I'll learn to be imperfect..."

Like I said...I'm recovering...

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  1. Thanks for this post! I don't think I was taking anything the wrong way - but I know you, your perfectionist tendencies, your upbringing and I guess that's why. I've been encouraged by your posts. :)
    I'm thankful for the gospel and the grace that God gives us each day! I'm thankful for his word and that we are holy, acceptable in his sight b/c of Jesus and not what we do or don't do or say or think. Nothing changes our position as adopted sons, nothing.
    Let's be balanced and pray for God's grace to guide us in this life of motherhood and servanthood.
    love ya!

  2. AMEN!, Jess!!!
    Love you too! (((hugs)))

  3. Beautiful thoughts. Learning to be's a hard road.


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