Tuesday, September 20, 2011

apples and {trying not to go} bananas

So...thanks for the prayers!  Those and the antibiotics are getting the job done!!!  Praise the Lord!  I feel eons better than yesterday.  No more pain!  And the fever, chills, and general yuckiness is gone.  Still feel run-down and in need of napping all day, but that's OK!  And I have two beautiful friends who have offered to feed my family and I on Tuesday and Thursday {which helps with my napping}.  Such blessings!

In other news, I've decided to start setting aside some time to 'have fun' with Annaleigh.  {in other terms - I'll be pretending I'm a teacher again}.  There's just too many hours in a day and not enough to fill them {from a toddler's perspective}.  I think a little structured time is good...for all of us, really.  I'm ransacking my old teaching files to find things for us to do.  They'll be mostly arts-n-crafts type of things, but with a small educational twist.  Our first one today went well, overall.  But she definitely was more interested in "coloring" with the glue stick.  I'm pretty sure she thought it was a really sticky marker.  There was absolutely NO concept of the proper use of glue.  Maybe that should have been our first lesson?

Not only is my daughter smart enough to begin higher education, but she's smart enough to disobey these days. Which has encouraged me to find a discipline system for her.  Up until now, I'd simply re-direct OR ignore the negative behavior while praising the positive.  But, that no longer works!  She has me figured out.  And uses her knowledge to her advantage.  That smart, cute lil' stinker.  So, we have a corner designated for "time-outs".  As well as a timer set for 1min30sec.  This will be enforced whenever she chooses not to obey.  After, I will remind her why she was there, she will be required to apologize {sincerely}...non of this quick-sorry-that-doesn't-mean-anything-I'm-only-saying-it-to-get-you-off-my-back-type-of-sorry...and then we will pray together, I will forgive her, and finally: hugs & kisses.  At least that's the plan.  But you know what they say about plans, don't you?

Once I'm feeling 100% again, spend more time with my baby girl, and set up house rules, life will go much more smoothly.

Wait.  Who am I kidding?

p.s.  I'm absolutely in L-O-V-E  with this card I made the other day...

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  1. thanks for the inspiration... I copied your card today!


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