Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dear Krystal...

I remember when we first met...
I was 11 and you were 10.
We were in your basement
drinking soda
jumping up and down
trying desperately to make ourselves belch.

I learned two things that day:
#1 You are the best belch-er in the world
{I've yet to meet someone who can match your skills}.
#2  You are a lifelong friend.  My bestie.

From that day forward, our lives would never be the same.
In ways we could never have dreamed.
And for both of us, that meant a whole lot of bad.
But as we have lived our lives, we look back and see that there were threads of good, weaved throughout, as well.

One of those good strands has been our friendship.
No matter the paths it has taken {rocky, smooth, separate, together....}
you have been a constant presence in my life.
What an adventure we've shared!

I now know I can count on you.

My life is what it is as a result of your influence.
My life continues to benefit, even today.
refusal to give up
faith in God
unending joy
...inspire me.
I want to be a better person because of you.
You have overcome SO MUCH.
And with each new day, as the sun rises to meet your beautiful face,
your determination is fortified.
You will win.
And you'll do it with a smile on your face and a practical joke in your pocket.

I can't tell you enough how proud I am to know you.
And how lucky I am to be your friend.

I love you, Crazy.
I hope you have a wonderfully HAPPY 30th Birthday today!
I wish I could be there to help you paint the town
and get kicked out of a fine establishment with you!

Until we meet again, 
I will dream of us.
Making fools of ourselves.
Matching outfits and all...

I'm Silly.
And you're just plain Crazy...

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