Thursday, July 28, 2011

toddler advice needed

 So what does one feed a toddler who will pretty much only eat peanut butter straight from the jar?
She's been on some sort of "food-strike" for the past few weeks.
Ideas?  Thoughts?  Advice?
Because I'd love for her to eat.  Like anything.
Please share your suggestions in the comments section below!


  1. So as you know we have struggled with this a lot! I will give you my opinion but I in no way judge if you don't like it and do something different, and am completely under the conviction that each parent knows what their kids needs and why their kid is doing that.
    With Carson i knew for sure it was his will and something he wanted to be in charge of and control in direct disobedience to what we said, and it still is. The direct disobedience was what I was no ok with. So we spanked a lot, forced him to eat it by shoving it in his mouth and not giving him anything else to eat, if that's what we were eating, he had no other choice. I also (but not consistently) would serve him the exacct same plate at the next meal, but usually would only make him eat 3-5 bites of the old stuff before I would give him soemthing else, didn't make him eat the whole thing in it's entirety.
    you will know if she is just realy not liking it, or if it's her sinful nature and disobedience to what she knows you are making her do.
    Another thing that worked, I found the best, was that he finally reached the age where he would understand, eat one bite of this, and you can have bread/cheese or whatever it is he really wanted. And i woudl switch off. Or now he knows certain number of bites that I tell him to eat and then he can have a treat. As long as he takes some bites of what he is supposed to do I was ok with it. he fought that hard too a lot but eventually gave in, and now our battles are very easily won by us, the parents.

    one thing my mother often says to me about EVERYTHING is that I am the parent and although their will is strong, I should be stronger and there should be no reason a 2yr odl (or however yr old) should be able to run my life if I'm not ok with that. I as the older/wiser/bigger person should be able to "control" in a sense what the little person does.
    I say all this, but you know your own child and you will decide what you want to do. I have fought this battle long and hard with him so I completely understand what it's like. But i can say now, that he is much better. And the battles are much shorter/lessdramatic than they were before. and he eats pretty much what I require him to eat. So it worked.
    We spent hours at a time in the highchair with screaming and gagging, but I can say now, it paid off!!! In more areas than just food.

    good luck. Please don't take me to be opinionated, just offering what I learned from experience, take it or leave it. it's fine with me. I know you are wise and you know annaleigh better than anyone else in the world. So you will be fine. remember when she's 20 this won't matter either. :) have fun!

  2. Thanks, Jess! I really appreciate your wisdom!!! :):):)

  3. I agree with Jessica in that you are in charge and she should have to eat at least a little of whatever it is you are wanting her to have! It's not easy, but in the end it pays off. : ) I am sure the heat doesn't help with her appetite either, tho. But if she'll eat peanut butter than she must be somewhat hungry! ;) You will do great - God will give you the wisdom to do the best thing for Annaleigh! This too shall pass...

  4. I know this all feels like a total pain now, but it's worth it to make the effort. We've had children in our home whose parents allowed them to be picky and they were not gracious guests. While others who were encouraged to try a variety of foods were much more pleasant to have in our home. Besides...she may be called to a mission field where they don't have peanut butter!


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