Friday, July 29, 2011

i don't blog about her much

because honestly?
If you know one cat,
you pretty much know them all.
The only thing special about Sadie-cat is that
she's ours.
And that she's so darn pretty.

In other unrelated news,
I'll be spending the day with my cousin Sharon.
We'll be sewing curtains.
For a baby's room.
Her daughter-in-law is due around the same time as me.
And she's having a boy, too.
So my nesting-skills of sewing should come in handy.
Her grand-baby doesn't have a clue that he's going to have
the. best. curtains. ever.
hanging in his room.

*** ***
At 37 weeks,
I'm getting a good amount of Braxton Hicks.
They are a terrible tease.
Because I want to have this baby.
Like. right. now.

*** ***
And I totally want to make this for Annaleigh.
Wouldn't it be the perfect gift to give to her at the hospital once John David's born?
I think so, anyway.

*** ***
Happy Friday!


  1. I've never seen one of those crayon bags- super cute! Congrats on making it to full-term! Can't wait to read about John David's arrival :)

  2. I love the pictures. She looks like she's modeling for you.


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